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AfterBurner Media is located in the Flint, Michigan area.

What We Do


Due to the number of large projects AfterBurner Media is currently working on, ABM is not accepting new projects until January, 2015. Please contact ABM at that time if you are still interested.  Thank you for your patience and your patronage!  ABM
Since 2006 AfterBurner Media has specialized in the conversion and transfer of older media to newer, more accessible digital media formats.  This includes media such as silent 8mm home movies & silent/sound 16mm home movies, all formats of video cassette tapes, audio cassette tapes (micro and standard formats), audio reel to reels, photos, 35mm slides, vinyl records, laser video discs, DAT (digital audio tape), and more

To enjoy these forms of media, most require older technology that may not be readily available to you today.  AfterBurner Media can convert and transfer your older media to newer digital formats that will help preserve it for future generations.  Custom memory videos can be created from existing photos, movies and videotapes for events such as weddings, graduations, special programs, vacations and family gatherings. 


CD and DVD labels are custom designed and can include simple text in a single color, or full color photos with multicolor text.  Our labels are printed directly to the disc, not stuck on with a sticky label that can come off in the future.  Our labels are guaranteed to never come off!  


Whatever your media needs are, AfterBurner Media can help!  If you have any questions, please call or e-mail and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.  AfterBurner Media is located in the Flint, Michigan area, near the intersection of I-75 & I-69 (about 1 hour north of Detroit, Michigan). 


Taking Your Media Higher!

AfterBurner Media


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